Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Motivation... please?

I can't seem to find motivation to do much lately.
How about you?
I really need a swift kick to my backside...anyone?
I'm blaming at least some of it to this stinkin' inversion... Yuck.

I am however excited for a new little venture my husband and I are teaming up on.
We're going to combine our awesomeness and attractiveness (no charge) to come up with a cool new home decor item.

Since I am speaking all Kung fu Panda like... I thought I'd share a photo from a few months ago. I thought it would be fun to rent the movie and have a Panda Party... so we had Panda bears (and gummi bears) Panda Popcorn and Panda Punch.

Yeah...I'm cool that.
Or mabye my kids just think I'm a big dork for coming up with these things.
At least if they think so, they're not telling me.


Cami said...

Are you kidding? You do the funnest things with your kids. I know they love it! As for the motivation.....maybe you need a little competition to fuel the fire :)

Hokie Family said...

You are such a fun,creative and awesome mom. We all wish we were more like you!