Monday, January 26, 2009

Baking...lots and lots.

Well ladies and gents. It seems the inversion has lifted (HALLELUJAH!!) I LOVE YOU MR. GOLDEN SUN!!
I wanted to show you what I was up to while I was feeling down in the dumps last week... too dark and miserable to do anything else!

The first photo is the first of a few recipe experiments from the "Deceptively Delicious" cookbook. (thanks Cami!) If you haven't heard of this book yet...then you're out of the loop! You make purees from fruits and veggies so that you can sneak them into unaware. This first recipe was the Applesauce Muffins. They had a 1/2 cup of butternut squash puree in them. The kids DEVOURED them. I think it was the streusel topping that made them special. I thought without it, I wouldn't have eaten them. Ben felt the same way. Poor guy found two stray squash chunks in his 2 muffins. Bad luck I guess, as the rest of us didn't have that problem.

Since then I've tried the chicken nuggets with spinach puree. You can't hide green from kids...they knew something was up. So, I told them...surprisingly they really liked them. Again, I didn't care for them much... I will just have to keep experimenting.
This is the 100% whole wheat bread recipe I just recently attained from my cousin in law. It's the best I've tried so far. The kids love it for sandwich bread in their school lunches.
These are 100% whole wheat pitas. Have you ever purchased these in the store? They are normally a little too spendy for this cheap girl. I've always wanted to try making them and these turned out awesome! It was also fun to watch them bake into big bubbles in the oven and then deflate to create the classic pocket. Plus...they freeze really well.

Ben and I have been cutting out the refined I've been brainstorming. Can you tell?
If you want any of these recipes, you'll have to harass me. At the moment I'm too lazy to post them.

Have a happy, sunny day!


Hokie Family said...

My family hasn't really know veggies or fruit since the baby came. Thanks for the motivation. Now I have two extra things to work on. (#1 being video games- I was totally irritated and offended, but only because he was speaking the truth)

Cami said...

I would love the recipe for the pitas. I have always wanted to make them too. I have bought them at the store before and they seemed really dry. How are the homemade ones? Try the peanut butter muffins. I liked those. They are good frozen and then cut into slices. They help satisfy my 2 o'clock sweet tooth.

ReeSesPcS said...

This stuff looks yummy! I would LOVE the recipe to your bread & pitas! I'm always looking for a yummy whole wheat bread recipe and I think trying the pita bread would be fun! Some day I'll try some of the DD recipes. :)

Maran said...

So it appears as though a few of us would like your pita recipe. Care to post it? I love that Ben found the squash chunks. It seems as though that always happens to Brian when I experiment with food. Don't ever bring up the peanut butter tofu incident with him. . .he has to find his happy place.

Ember said...

Hey missy! I know I need to get better at staying in contact with all of my good friends. I miss you and miss hearing about your new projects. Tell me more about the new one. I think a bunch of us should start getting together once a month or even quarterly just to play show and tell. Wouldn't that be fun. Get together to discuss our new interesting projects and then eat and support each other. I love party's. Anyway I hope all is well and we should get together soon because I have some stuff of yours.
Love ya