Wednesday, October 29, 2008


Lady hiding under a table. Cute photo...but there is something slightly devilish in her eyes...

I went to Old Navy the other morning hoping to find some sweet deals on Halloween attire.
Turns out they sold out of most everything a couple days before. BUT, what was left was only $1 (the shirts, anyway). So, I bought Ladybug a couple shirts, one for Lin and one for myself. I couldn't pass up the tights for Ladybug...they were half off. It's hilarious to take photos of Ladybug...she knows EXACTLY what it's all about. I didn't even have to ask her to turn...she did that all on her own.

The last photo is from the East End Boutique...which was not well attended. No big deal, I didn't have high expectations. You can see the purses/cuffs on the hat rack and a couple of my paintings inside the closet (which is also where my shirts were hanging). Michelle came with me to the pre-sale ...thanks sis!

I'm working on yet another new idea and I'll post photos of that soon!
Happy Haunting!


Nancy H. said...

YES!! Christmas music, chip off the ole block! Love the pic's!

The Rummler Family said...

AHHH! She's so CUTE. Yes, you had to get those tights. They kill me. Did I mention how cute she is?