Monday, November 3, 2008

Photo fest

I know it's a little late...but that's how I do things! So there.
pumpkin carving...

Ben sweating over his masterpiece. It did turn out pretty sweet.

Here they are all lit up. You can see Ladybug's head peaking over .

My halloween treats for trick of treaters. We don't get a lot of them in our neighborhood. So, I figured I could afford to do something fun. I just used my plastic sealer and layered some candy.

various decor.

My traditional Halloween dinner: MUMMY DOGS. No, they are NOT just like pigs in a blanket. Don't you see those yellow mustard eyes?!
A banner I threw together the Halloween Eve. It turned out pretty sweet. I got the inspiration from the East End Boutique. That's what we crafters are good at....stealing other people's ideas and making them or own by changing them up a bit. I was pretty stoked that it only cost me $3 in supplies to make. It doesn't hurt that I have a vinyl plotter, either.

Last but not least...HAIR AMBUSH! For both of us. :) This is the morning after Halloween. Can't you tell? Ladybug has chocolate on her face...and it's only 9:30 am. She has been fascinated with toiletries lately. Mostly hair gel and hand soap. She got an enormous amount of Ben's gel in her hair...and he "helped it a long".
This is an after photo of my hair...the day before it was burnt orange/red from a 28 day hair dye. About a week before Halloween I decided to dye my hair to be know...from Shrek. Well, silly me...I dyed my hair and then I was unable to find my Fiona costume! Lin was so sweet. She was trying to think of what I could be with red hair. The best was "Hey mom, you could be a stop sign!"
So, I made a trip to see my fantastic hairdresser, Tisha. She is a miracle worker! She gave me highlights and lowlights because she wasn't able to pull all the red out. She said "it's a forced change". Change is fun... I LOVE it!

Hope your fall is feeling great!
I will post a recipe for pumpkin bars tomorrow...yummy!


Dan and Katie said...

LOVE the hair. Can I have it?

Travis said...

Your hair looks great! Lady bug looks great too, silly girl. The boo banner turned out super cute!

Travis said...

Ummm, not Travis. It is Cami. Travis doesn't even know how to check blogs. He can tell you the price of any digial or electronic doo-hicky and all its specs, but doesn't do blogs.... :)