Monday, September 22, 2008

Victories... big and small

I have been a horrible blogger. I think it's because there has been so much to blog about that I have been overwhelmed with what to post on first! So, I decided to make a small list of victories over the past 2 weeks.

Small victories:

* Lin saying "I'm excited to go to school tomorrow, mom!" even though every morning since then she's said "I don't want to go to school, mom"

* Buddy creaming some guy on the opposing football team ... and his mom enjoying a strange sense of pride knowing that it was her son that caused this boy to lay on the field...motionless... for over 3 minutes...

* Cooking pizza in our trailer after freaking out about the fact that I had just ordered papa murphy's and the oven in our home stopped working 2 days previous. Exactly what was I thinking? Oh yeah, I was thinking... it would be fun to cook dinner in the trailer. The kids loved it!

* Ben fixing the oven. That guy can fix ANYTHING! He is amazing!

* Finding the remote to our television. I was in the basement with Ladybug the other day and she was eating a fruit snack. After she was done she said "all done". I told her to put it in the garbage. Without a moments hesitation she wadded up the wrapper and walked straight over to our bass speaker and shoved it in the small hole in the front. What? She's so random. So I was curious and went over to see what else was in that hole. To my complete surprise the remote control was there. Ben and I had both thought of that hole but we had also both thought "that hole is too small... it couldn't fit in there". Leave it to Ladybug to prove us wrong!

* Ladybug smiling like this instead of


* Only spending $2.48 at Target last week.
* Selling some of my goods at the Hyde Park Street Fair. Even if it wasn't a whole bunch... it was something!


That's right! I went to pick up the kids for school last week. While I was waiting I climbed in the back seat to keep Ladybug company. I was noticing all the garbage in the back pocket behind the passenger seat. I was looking through it when what did appear? Now, I have looked in that back pocket dozens of times since I've lost my ring. I asked the kids in my carpool and none of them said they had seen it before. All I know is that I am SO HAPPY. We took it in to the jewelry store that night to have it sized. Turns out it was 1 1/2 sizes too big. I am so glad I found it. I had been feeling extra sad about it lately. What a HUGE blessing!


Dan and Katie said...

I'm so glad you've posted again. I've missed them.

Did you know that one time before going to bed, Dan and I prayed you'd find your ring? I'm convinced we are the reason you found it. :) I'm so glad you did, skinny fingers.

PS- I love the color of the cabinets in the trailor. CUTE, big time.

PS- you're beautiful, and your girls looks just like you.

Hokie Family said...

You're a great blogger! way to some it up!

Anna & JF said...

YAAAAAAAY!!! You found your ring AND your remote!!! You better go buy a lottery ticket honey, cause you are lady luck!!!

Maran said...

I can't believe how much your daughter looks like you! That's great about your wedding ring! And. . every mom has to take joy in her kid roughing up another kid at some time or another!

My joy was last week when Corbin took out a kid on the playground that had been bullying him. On the outside I was telling him to "Be nice." In my heart I was thinking, "That's it Corbin! Jack him!!!"

michelle said...

awwww....Emery is soooo cute =) thanks for including him in your blog since i am sooo computer illiterate. So since i don't have my own blogspot i will use yours to communicate to the family hahahaha Hi Family ;)