Thursday, September 4, 2008

new stuff

So, I whipped up some new designs for the Labor day celebration in Bellevue, Idaho. (next to Sun Valley). My awesome friend Ember, from The Painted Chair was in charge and was sweet enough to take my stuff and sell it for me. She is amazing and will be opening a new store in Eagle where she has asked me to come on as a vendor.
Here are some of those screen designs -
some requested by Ember...
others just sitting on my brain.


Cami said...

Holly, Love them! How did things go over the weekend? I forgot to ask you when you were here. Mari definately needs the Nancy Drew looking one. She loves that movie. Aaron likes it too. I thought it was cute. Travis couldn't stand it.
We NEED to get together soon!

Dan and Katie said...

you crack me up.

You're inspiring. Send a few of those my way to sell on vinyl vineyard if you want. I'd love to have them adorn my shop.

Nancy H. said...

As always, fantastic designs and creative ideas! Are we really related?! Lucky me!

The Rummler Family said...

Cute! I especially love the moped and the guitar.

Maran said...

I love the guitar! Way cute! FYI there are 4 different Hypnobirthing teachers in your town! Anyway, you can find them on under 'find an HB practitioner' Sorry I haven't posted lately. . . things have been a little hectic.

Jennifer said...

. . . hypnoBIRTHING? Come again, Holly? Do tell!!!!!

Good to see you today. Sorry I was a little flighty, it was a weird morning. Let's get together soon.

Amanda said...

Holly, what awesome talent you have. Do you have the guitar shirt in a girls size?

Amanda said...

Thanks for bringing the shirts over today. We love them. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. Keep up the good work.