Monday, September 29, 2008

These are for you, mom.

So, my dear sister in -law Katie ordered these flowers to be sent to my mom (who was staying with me last week). She had foot surgery...on both feet...for her bunions. When they came no one was here for the delivery. My mom went home yesterday and the flowers were delivered to my home today.

Katie, they are beautiful - the photo doesn't do them justice. I know mom loves them, right mom? The colors are so "Nancy"!

The message included: "Grandma, Hope you are feeling better soon. We love and miss you.
Love, Vince and Ivan"

I'm sorry you weren't able to receive them, but I have to admit that I don't mind having them around.
There's nothing like fresh flowers!!
Mom - anytime you want to see your flowers, you can visit this blog and remember what a sweet daughter in law you have.

Katie - you're awesome... and more thoughtful than the rest of us. Love ya.


Nancy H. said...

They are so beautiful!! sorry I missed them,but they truly are appreciated. Glad you can enjoy them too Holly. Great picture now I can see them whenever for as long as I want! Katie, so thoughtful. Love you all, thanks for all the great support.
twinkle toes

michelle said...

me like monkeys