Tuesday, May 13, 2008

facing the facts

photo taken about 2 months ago... wearing my ring on my middle finger.

Fact #1: My ring has been loose for a few months now.
Fact #2: Some days I wear it on my middle finger so it won't slip off my ring finger
Fact #3: Two weeks ago I was detailing the car when I noticed... no ring
Fact #4: I looked every place possible but... no ring
Fact #5: The very last place I thought I would find it was in the vacuum bag... searched through a heaping pile of lovely stuff out of the bag this morning... no ring
Fact #6: I have worn that ring for over 10 years.
Fact #7: This makes me sick to my stomache
Fact #8: A ring is a temporal thing with eternal meaning
Fact #9: I am still married to a wonderful man
Fact #10: I honestly am not concerned about the price of the ring - ONLY what it represents
Fact #11: Ben and I went out the night I lost the ring and bought a $13 temporary replacement.
Fact #12: That replacement made need to become permanent. And, even though I am still sick about losing my wedding ring, and I will miss it...I will be happy just having a ring that reminds me and everyone else... that I have an eternal marriage.

Ben has been so sweet about all of this. He understands how upset I've been about it and he just wants me to be happy. And I'll be okay.
Sometimes it takes trials like this to remind us of the truly important "things" in our lives.


Cami Groethe said...

I am so sad about your ring. :( I had to get an imposter while I was prego with Aaron. I got a lot of compliments on that ring. I lost it and that made me sad, so I can barely imagine what you are feeling.
You did it! The painting of the girl swinging is AWESOME! I love it! I am sure you won't be hanging on to it for very long.

Anonymous said...

I love your paintings...they are so incredible. I will be placing an order very soon...LOVE them!!
I am so sorry about your ring...
You are lucky to have Ben to be so mellow and understanding...Steve is the very same way...love those Johnson guys!

Hokie Family said...

Funny Face! I'm really enjoying your music selection. Sorry about your ring. Your new one is sweet though. Love ya,