Friday, May 23, 2008


I know a little weird ... and morbid... or something.
Ben and I right before the finish line.

Craziness... really that's what it's all about. So, I wanted to run another 1/2 marathon for a couple reasons. 1- to see if I could be in less pain 2- to see if I could improve on my time 3- to accomplish it with my husband by my side. Well, I was able to beat my time... not by much... really not what I wanted. I convinced a few other people to train for and run this race... namely Ben (my husband), Ben (my brother), his wife - Heather and my rad mom. Ben and I finished together. We were both in a considerable amount of pain around mile 10. We decided it wasn't worth it to push ourselves that much harder just to finish a few minutes earlier. So, we walked the last 2 miles...with a little bit of running to cross the finish line, of course. So, after this race I have come to understand a few things.


So, it did take me less time to recover and I really wasn't in much pain after the race was over. But, while out there on the course I was trying to remember why in the world I was doing what I was doing. Now, I understand that running these long races is a lot like child bearing. A veil comes over your mind and you "forget" the pain... or at least how bad it was. And, that's when you think you can do it all over again. Well, that veil's not coming ladies and gents. Not this time! I'd really like to just work on improving my speed and go a shorter distance. I won't stop running, though. I have to give a shout out to my awesome mom who is turning 50 next month! She is such an inspiration to me! I hope I'm running when I'm 50.. and look as slim and trim as she does. Also, my brother Ben met his goal time of under 2 hrs. Yahoo Ben!! Heather pulled out in front of my husband and I and finished the last 2 miles strong... cuz she's cool like that! Thanks for training with me - it was a great experience... just not one I want to repeat!
Ben and I after the race...ready to gorge on chili's and olive garden take out.

Heather showing us the goods
Don't look now... Nancy's going to stuff her face! Salad first though, right mom?
That's right Ben... big thumbs's over!

I will post pre race photo's in a couple days. I didn't have any on my camera... so I'll need to steal some from mom and heather.
Maybe I'll even post photos of my toe nail that is falling off (again).


Chelsea said...

Man....go get em! You look SO are such an inspiration to me!

Katie said...

First off, hols- you're freaking thin! Second- I'm jealous. Wish I coulda done it with you guys. Not that I would have followed through or anything, but ya know...sad that I missed out. Third- what a great inspiration you have been to our family. Especically me. Youre awesome, and I admire you.

PS- word verification stinks! :)

Sorenson family trio said...

I am so impressed you convinced your husband to run the 1/2 marathon with you. You are all so awesome. I do not think I could ever run that far.