Friday, April 25, 2008

new hair for my "bertday"

Bertday = Birthday. That's how Heidi still pronounces it. Ben wrote "Bertday Girl" on the card he gave me.

So, I scheduled a hair appointment with my favorite stylist on my birthday. Ben came home a little early so I could get it done before dinner.
I love the cut and highlights. Tisha from "Chic Hair" is amazing!! That was an awesome gift - thanks Ben!

Here's a couple photos from that...

back of my hair that night. Ladybug picking her nose.

Okay... so I've been obsessed with this flash and no flash thing. It's amazing to me how different a photo looks in natural light compared to the opposite. What do you think?
thanks for looking...

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Sorenson family trio said...

you new hair cut is very cute. Where or who did it for you? Thanks for commenting on my blog.