Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Birthday lunch

So, I had my wonderful friend and sister in law invite me over for a birthday lunch. So, after lil' lin got home from school I packed up the girls and headed over. It was delicious and the company was even better.
After lunch they both gave my totally fun and perfect gifts. It's scary how well these people know me!

I have to tell you about another great gift that my other sis in law ( Katie) sent me.
I received this totally fun apron in the mail and wondered where it came from. I thought it was a mistaken shipment from another esty seller. I wondered though how it could have been... since I loved the fabric was fabulous and the style was oh so... well... me!

So, I contacted the etsy seller and sure enough she let me in on the secret. Katie had an apron custom made for yours truly. Again, scary how well these people know me!

Here is a photo before I went to lunch... wearing my oh so chic apron. I've also included photos of my 2 girls... a photo shoot is not complete without them. Side note... Ladybug dressed herself that day...what a crack up.

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Katie said...

You're sweet to post about the apron. Birthday or no birthday, I saw that apron and knew you had to have it.

Haiden and Heidi look so cute. Getting so old. Wish I could be there for Dad's graduation. But I have a feeling that Bincie and I will be making a trip to Boise soon.

Love you guys.