Friday, April 25, 2008

Birthday dinner...

So, before the movie we had our friends over for dinner. Now, normally I would just indulge...and I did... but not as much as I could have. I had to carb load for my 11 mile run the next day. Normally we have our longer runs on Saturdays. But, my running partner (lovely sis in law) was leaving to go out of town. So, we had one of those new tuscani pastas from Pizza Hut, a gourmet chicken garlic pizza from Papa Murphy's and a delicious salad made by my friend, Cami. Here are some photos from that...

lil' Lin with her friend.

Friends trying to force dessert on their daughter. ;) Ben... striking a pose as usual. Love you.
Buddy with his heaping bowl of ice cream... happy boy!
No they are blurry.
Oh, Cami and I went out to get the cake after dinner. A very yummy ... and rich turtle cake with thin mint ice cream. Oh my... trust me, I paid for that the next day during my run. Ugh.

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