Wednesday, March 19, 2008

walk a mile in someone elses...hoodie?

This morning I was getting ready to go to the gym. I always come downstairs to put on my workout clothes so I don't wake the rest of the family. I then went back up to the coat rack to grab my windbreaker and it wasn't there. I then remembered it was up in my bedroom closet. Not wanting to go back upstairs I tried to find a suitable substitute. My heavy jacket wouldn't do... my denim blazer would look crazy. (not that I care what people think of me at 5:30 in the morning). And then I saw Buddy's hoodie hanging on a hook. Since he likes to wear larger clothes I thought it just might work. I pulled it off the hook and went back downstairs to put my shoes on.

I finished tying my shoes and slipped my arms into the hoodie. It actually was going to work. The sleeves were maybe slightly short and it hit me a little high on the hips... but for the most part it looked pretty darn normal.

For some reason at that moment I looked down at the hoodie and thought about Buddy. I thought about him wearing it - at school sitting at his his friends house and other places. It took me back as I became a little emotional thinking of what his day was like away from me. For the most part I'm sure it's pleasant, but I know there are times when school is hard... and when he's hard on himself. He has stronger emotions and stresses more than other kids. Mainly because he has hormones that aren't always perfectly in check. Him and I butt heads often because there are days when both of us need a "chill pill". But, for some reason - putting on his jacket made me that much more aware of him and what he deals with day to day. Soon enough I will probably be able to walk a mile in his shoes...literally. But, for now...his jacket served the purpose and reminded me just how much I love him and want him to be happy.

Walk a mile in someone else's hoodie... try it sometime.


Anonymous said...

Loved the your posts.

Katie said...

excellent post. I'll rememeber that as my kids grow up.

(although, i was a little disappointed, i thought the post would be some embarrassing story about you coming home in someone else's hoodie from the gym. lol. I can just see it now...}

The Rummler Family said...

Great reminder. I need to see things from where they stand more often. Compassion and empathy are never bad things, especially in parenting.