Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"I want to be just like you, mom"

It is impossible for Lil' Lin to take a normal picture. She always has to be doing something "special".

Yes, those words came out of my 5 year olds mouth yesterday. It practically melted my heart on the spot. I don't remember exactly how we got on the subject, but I asked Lil' Lin what she wanted to be when she grew up. She replied with, "I want to be a painter...I want to be an artist - like you. And I want to be a mom too." She also said , "but I'm going to paint even prettier". She's always saying how much better my art is than hers. Trust me, I am constantly correcting her that mine is not better... just different. Not to say she doesn't have any confidence. Right after those comments she said, "but I'm already an artist". So, in 5 year old words that means she just wants to increase her artistic abilities as she gets older...AND become better than me. :) Which I have no doubt will happen. Probably sooner than later.
Nice band aid. Girl, you crack me up.

Now comes the funny part... which you know will come... when it's Lil' Lin talking. She comments..."I'm afraid of having a baby". I replied with..."I am too!". She giggled. I told her she didn't have to worry about that for a long, long time. According to our discussion she only wants one baby and it's going to be a boy. By the way... she also knows who she's going to marry. But, I thought that I would leave that as a surprise for her young friend to find out later.

I realize that as she gets older her thoughts of "I want to be just like you" will likely fade and she won't be so enthusiastic about it. But, for now I am going to wallow in those words for as long as I can.
I love that girl.


Anonymous said...

Heidi is a cutie!!

I know what you mean...I feel the same way when I go into Brian's Kindergarten class to volunteer and he runs to me and gives me a big hug and tells everyone I'm his mom...he is so proud and excited. I know in a few years it's not going to be like that so I am enjoying those moments right now while they happen.
Have a great day...:-)

The Rummler Family said...

Cute girl! I love your kids.

I took Abby with me to my students' piano recital last week. I realized at some point that she was proud of me, and that felt so nice!

Chelsea said...

Awww...precious. Those pictures are so cute. I think Heidi looks just like you. You are such a good mama, and a beautiful, talented woman...who wouldn't want to be just like you?