Friday, February 29, 2008

Spring? Could it be...?

The past few days here have been BEAUTIFUL!
Yesterday I stuck the girls in the stroller and headed out on our first walk of the season together. You might think that sounds pathetic... but I hate being cold. It was about 55 degrees. I had a light jacket on and had to take it off shortly into the walk. The sun was shining... there was a slight breeze ...and I was in heaven.
It was a good thing the weather was cooperating... I couldn't get myself out of bed at 5am for the 4th time this week. So, I actually "slept in" until 7. So, I needed the exercise that I missed out on by snoozing.

Anyway, it was a great chance to truly appreciate the area I live in. Our neighborhood is comprised of homes that are between 30-40 years old. Hence it has many big beautiful trees and landscaping... along with that comes many other fun things. The girls enjoyed seeing squirrels, horses, cows, dogs and a plethora of birds all singing out in praise of spring.
When we passed by some horses I turned the stroller towards them and my youngest did her spasmodic giggle (a sound that I can't even make when I try). She was just so giddy to see them. I was giddy that she was giddy and my other daughter was too... and... well, we were all just so giddy! Sometimes it's the simplest things... well... you know.
What's amazing is that today was even more beautiful than yesterday. It feels like 70... even though I believe it's just above 60 right now. We enjoyed playing outside again and took a trip to the library as well.
So, even though it's not official... I am so ready for spring!

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