Wednesday, March 17, 2010

An Impressive To Do list

I have figured out why my 3 year old daughter is a night owl. She stays up after we put her to sleep to write out her "To DO" list for the following day.

This must have been her To Do list the other night:
1. Pretend to wake up perky and happy
2. Act as if the world has ended when mom tells me there's no more frosted mini wheats
3. Fake mom out by telling her I want to take a nap
4. Don't take nap. Instead, find and eat 6 or so mini candy canes
5. Pee on carpet next to couch
6. Convince mom I'm cute anyway by using markers as make-up *don't forget to line the eyebrows*
7. Tell mom I love her before she leaves for her charter meeting
8. Clog the toilet with a huge amount of toilet paper and try to "plunge" it out with the toilet brush *dad's sure to love this one*
9. Don't fall asleep when dad puts me down (he's a sucker anyway). Lay on couch and fall asleep there before mom gets home
10. Pee on couch ...
that just about covers it.

PS Happy St. Patty's Day
You should celebrate by eating a Mint Oreo Blizzard. That's what I did. You won't regret it.

Lesson for the day: Do not attempt to eat a Mint Oreo Blizzard while driving, unless you feel like having a near fatal accident with two large garbage cans.


Katie @ {Cowboy}Phraseology said...

WHAT? Hols, seriously, i acn't wait to see you. You crack me up. First off, haiden, quit peein! Lol how funny!
Secondly, you MUST expand on the whole trashcan accident!
Wish I was there to take your kids away fora while so you could get a well earned break!

lackadaisical lor said...

HAHA that's my kinda kid
i wonder if you were like that as a child
maybe you were & now you're facing these consequences lol
best of wishes

Anna McDaniel said...

You bring that little crazy over here so she can watch some TV! I'll give her a can of frosting or something so she will be nice & quiet! I'm an excellent babysitter. Seriously though, if you need a break I'll hang out with Ladybug for awhile, she's funny!

Jaky Astik said...

Ah, that was so much fun to read Holly. Well, and I also checked out your Esty. Kinda cool stuff you create.

But your writing is better than anything. I three of your last posts. I'm a meditation addict and quite used to Yoga too. has a lot of great resources on Yoga - here is the best one and it's not mine, so don't worry. Just the stuff I found that coincidentally relates to you :)

ella said...

Hahaha! That just made my day. :) Love your blog, my friend. :D

Brooke G. said...

Funny..... she must be on the same wave length as my little guy! Oh and uh, we must be on the same wavelength too - I had an oreo McFlurry - does that count???

Adam Hinchliffe said...

i used to always write a "to do" list when i was younger every day haha

Ang said...

Hello there! Just stumbled upon your blog & love it :) I can totally relate to it and to you!

NeerraaZZ said...

what a to do list...and what a daughter..!!
great writing using the third person technique too


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chinacallphone said...

Hahaha! That just made my day. :) Love your blog, my friend. :D
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shauna said...

I think your daughter must have borrowed that list from my 8 year old. Mine doesn't pee on the carpet anymore, but your list covers everything that she also did when she was three...