Tuesday, October 7, 2008

pumpkin huntin'

Now, don't get all excited thinking this post will be full of fun photos of our family ...or you'll be up for some huge disappointment.
I FORGOT my camera! Can you believe it? I didn't even have my cell phone camera on me!
I have to admit though....I was much more relaxed not having to worry about getting the perfect shot at every turn.

So, I thought I'd post some photos that the farm has on their website...call it tacky...I don't care.

This was the kids hale bale maze. I liked the price...free.
Brandon was leading Ladybug around and it was the funniest thing. The only thing you could see was the very top of her toe head bobbing up and down as she raced down between the bales. **insert HUGE frowny face, knowing it was a kodak moment**

We then went on the *free* hay ride around the farm and stopped at the petting zoo.
They had horses, goats, sheep, a zebra and a camel! They had pony rides as well...but I'm too cheap.

We circled back to the front of the farm and decided we better to pumpkin' huntin'.
We each picked our pumpkins and were quite pleased with our choices. I will post photos of those soon. Mine is so awesome - it's shaped like an apple.

It's a fun farm...and quite large. It's a 20 acre pumkin patch and 15 acre corn maze.
They had a couple astro jumps, barrel train rides (see below) and concessions. Of which we purchased fresh mini donuts...I bet they were good. The kids ate them.
So, if you live in the area... Linder Farms is totally the place to be for your pumpkin' hunt!

Have a fantastic fall! It's my favorite season, for sure.


Hokie Family said...

Have i handicapped everyone by always having my camara with me. No crazy aunt heather around taking pictures :(
I bet it was fun. Ben was in surgury until 8:30 Oh well. Halloween FHE?

Maran said...

I forget my camera ALL the time! It's nice to know I'm not the only one. It was fun to see photos of where you went anyway!