Wednesday, October 8, 2008


So, I'm just wondering if this happens to anyone else.
You're doing laundry (and wanting to kill yourself) and you go to hang up your clothes.
You pull a bunch of hangers out of your closet and toss them in a pile on your bed.
No...I do not hang up my clothes right when I pull them out of my dryer. It's a nice thought... and I might get around to that... one day.

You start hanging up each garment and putting it to the side and you get down to the last few and realize you just picked out the exact number of hangers per garment. I think it's a little spooky, if you ask me. This has happened numerous times.

Maybe you subconsciously count the number of garments and subconsciously count the hangers while pulling them out. Nah.
Must just be luck... dumb luck that is... since the ONLY thing lucky about me has to with laundry. And you all know how much I love the "L" word.


Cami said...

I love it when that happens. It is the same feeling when your total at the grocery store is an exact even dollar amount (no change). Love it! I also like to guess what the total will be. It has become a compition between Travis and me. We play it like the Price is Right. The person closest with out going over wins. We have each had one time where we were exactly right:).....just once each.
I had fun canning pickles with you today! They all sealed. I will be by in a day or two and drop off your jars!

The Ross Family Seven said...

you are so funny!
I am going to have to try to do laundry some time to see if this happens to me....

love ya