Friday, August 8, 2008

The first of a few...

So, I've been busy designing new shirts...I'm so excited!

I decided to turn my original paintings into shirt designs.
It's actually quite pain staking. But, once the screen is complete it's a breeze.

Here is the first of quite a few photo installments of my latest creations.
Do you like?
It is from my original painting "Whimsy Willow"...which is still available, btw.
(sorry that the only model available was yours truly).


Nancy H. said...

It's fantastic! I'm not sure how you did it but it's beautiful! Let me know when one's available! Love ya

Dan & Katie said...

Holly- how did you print those on there? thats awesome! Too bad Nan wont give me her heat press. We'd make a great team.

Cami said...

Holly, It looks great! I am very impressed. I might just have to bring over a shirt to have you print on it. Would you like the Eifel Tower back? Let me know. We need to hang out sometime soon! By the way, did you get the fabric I left on your doorstep the other day?

Hokie Family said...

I've seen it in person and it's just as awesome. Hot model!

Maran said...

I think this is my favorite shirt you've made thus far. I really love your paintings, so it goes without saying that they would look great on shirts. By the way, I love the puffy sleeve t-shirt. Any chance you'd tell me where you got it??