Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Melba Olde Tyme Fourth of July Celebration

Ben's family has a tradition of celebrating the 4th of July in Melba every year.
Now that Ben's sister lives in Melba- she's been inviting the whole family out to her place the past couple years. These are photos of the festivities at her place. We had a fantastic time. We really didn't get any photos of the celebration in town... we were having too much fun at Kathy's place. Thanks again Kathy!
What the Johnsons do best.
Sit around with their guitars singing for hours on end. I Love it!
**Hubby on far right** ... love you
Ladybug could not get enough of these 3 little "doddys".
She kept them company practically the whole time.

Fun slides for the kids (and eventually the adults) to cool off on.
Lin and Buddy showing their sliding skills

Bro in law launching cantaloupe bombs loaded with mortars. Yikes!

Waiting for the parade to start- candy bag in hand.
Buddy sitting with some cousins
Jumping for joy - look at that view!


Nancie said...

looks like you had a blast. That is a great view!

Nancy H. said...

What a way to celebrate, looked like so much fun!