Tuesday, July 8, 2008

flood photos

Here's a few gems...this is just from the first day we found the water damage. Honestly, I don't have energy to take current photos. For one thing... Ben went into the ER with gallstones Saturday night. I had another round of Kidney stones (which just passed) starting Sunday. Heidi slammed her finger in the car door after I had to take the kids home early from church(because of the kidney stones)...
So, since this photo the carpet, pad, wall paneling and other things have been torn out. We think it's all dry now.

Thank you to Jen and Jenn for your art purchases! Every little bit helps.
Thanks to everyone that has called with concern... we'll make it through.
BIG thanks to my awesome Sis... the one and only. She watched the kids today while I passed out upstairs in a drug induced coma...

I'll be posting some happier pre-stone photos of our independence day celebration... soon.

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