Monday, July 28, 2008

I got tagged... by me!!

Okay... so I must not have many friends out there in blog land... or at least friends that think I'm interesting enough to tag. So, I stole a tag idea from someone's blog that I lurk on.

So, here it goes.
It's a photo tag.
There are a few photos that I missed... I ran out of time at the moment and decided it would be okay... since no one actually tagged me.
Here are the rules:
You have to take pictures of the following things, and you have to do it right away. No straightening, cleaning or wiping your child's nose. Then you tag five others.

Kitchen Sink
Obviously not the cleanest moment. You can see the sugar crystals Lin and I started a couple weeks well as the flower pot Buddy gave me for Mother's day.

Favorite Room
This was a hard choice.
I just love the soothing color of our master bedroom. I painted it over a year ago and I'm so happy with my decision. It is a bit on the boring side and it could really use one of my fun silhouette paintings above the bed... someday.

Laundry Room
Oh goody... you get to see the hideous "faux finish" that the previous owners put in this room. It's one of the only rooms I haven't painted since we've lived here. Side note - I LOATHE laundry.

Hmmm... not a lot of fresh produce to be found. I've been on a bad food kick for a few weeks. Probably because it's the feast before the famine. Planning on cracking down on my bad habits... again.
Yes, that is a pie on the third shelf... jealous?

Head Shot
Nice, slicked back...end of the day...ya know.

What Are Your Kids Doing?
Looking at "Where's Waldo", playing with a Bionicle and trying to tear something apart.

So, there you go!
The others that I didn't include were 1) your closet 2) your favorite shoes.

I am tagging Katie, Maran, Heather, Anna and Melody.


Maran said...

Sounds like fun. We've been having internet issues, but they are fixed now, so I'll do my tag soon. (Although, I'm tempted to take a shot of my kitchen sink right now. It's actually clean at the moment!) Your bedroom is darling, by the way.

Nancy H. said...

Fun stuff Holls, Love ya,