Monday, June 16, 2008


We all wore our byu garb to cheer on the cougar car! Yeah, it was a little extreme. But, everyone knew who we represented!

So, this post is ... late. That's putting it lightly.
I've been going through recent photos and found these from Buddy's pinewood derby.. back in
April. Shame on me.

Buddy was pretty excited about his BYU design. I created some decals while he and Ben worked on the body of the car. Number 14 - sweet! Go Ty Detmer!
He didn't place but he had a good time and was a great sport.
There were two cars that were decked out in BSU garb and at the end of the evening they let the boys race whoever they wanted. So, you know it had to happen... the two broncos against the lone cougar. Just when you thought it was over and bsu was going to win, the coug makes one last effort and pulls out in front of the bucking broncos. Yeah, that's right... you heard me!! In our celebration... which was quite loud, I must admit - we didn't realize that the owner of one of those bsu cars was crying... whoops. I guess we could have toned it down a bit... NOT! No, I did feel bad for the little guy. But he got over it soon enough.

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