Wednesday, June 18, 2008

child labor

Dad showing buddy the ropes.

Brandon concentrating super hard. If you look closely you can see Lil Lin (in her princess dress)comforting Lady Bug on the concrete slab... as she gets a little bit frightened of the lawn mower. Either that, or Lil Lin likes to be an over protective big sister.

A job well done and a proud 9 year old!
Dad's pretty happy about it too. He's mowed the lawn
twice since this photo!
**dad hadn't weed whacked yet**

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The Rummler Family said...

I can't believe this. Wasn't he just 1 1/2 running through my house? Sitting on the stool, yelling, "Holly!" I love that boy. He'll always have his own special place in my heart.

They're all growing up so fast.

<3 ya