Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New design... and a giveaway!!

copyright 2008 Holly Doodle

So, here's my latest doodle. This will soon be adorning shirts, earrings and the like. Do you like it?
Really, what is the first thing that comes to mind? My husband and dad said the exact same thing... but it wasn't really what I was going for.
So... post a comment telling me what this image means to you and I will pick a random lucky blogger to win a pair of my sweet earrings or wallet/purse... of their choice.
I realize that there may be only 5 people that read my blog... and believe or not... I'm perfectly okay with that. Comment deadline - Thursday, June 12 @ 10 pm.


Karin said...

I'm not sure what I think of it--is it supposed to mean stamp out dresses and high gas prices?! LOL

Or does it mean you want a return to gas prices of yesteryear? That dress she is wearing reminds me of the 50's / 60's?

A woman's work is never done?

I am curious to know.

Dan & Katie said...

Gas prices REEK. Thats what I'm saying. PICK ME TO WIN!!!

Nancy H. said...

first thing I thought with the mom in the 60's dress. Was Mom's don't pump gas. Am I close, come on, come on. Give your mom an extra point!

Maran said...

To me, it just says take a bike instead. Boycott gas. Am I right????

Cami Groethe said...

This is my thought process....
1. Gas prices are too high.
2. No women pumping gas.

(That is just how my brain works.)