Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Wanna know what's sick and wrong! Running your furnace on June 11th!!
Seriously...if the weather doesn't make a change soon... I'm gonna go ballistic. This is just ridiculous. Just when you think you're ready for summer and you've put away all the cold weather clothing... you have a week like this week. Down come all the long sleeves and fleece. Give me a break.

I like what Al Gore has to say about all this...

"This is just another right wing conspiracy to get you to believe there is no warming problem. They have manipulated the earths temperature lower to influence the elections this fall. George Bush and the big oil conglomerates are all behind this."
*not verified*

So, who else is ready for warmer weather?...(other than you AZ residents!)


Dan & Katie said...

LOL, funny post Hols. We saw your cold weather on the news. Yuck for you guys. If it makes you feel any better, it was 108 yesterday, and I STILL do NOT have a tan. At all. D.U.M.B.

Maran said...

I'm amazed you were able to get Ben to wear that coat! Hopefully the whether will warm up for you.;)