Sunday, April 13, 2008


Ladybug has turned into one incredibly busy toddler. What a gal.
She loves the world and she loves to explore it...especially if it's something she's not supposed to get into.
She's found my stash of "stuff" and among her favorite items is garage sale stickers. She was sticking them in various places... including inside her mouth and having quite a fun time doing it.
Well, after Ben and I put the two older kids to bed, Ladybug is normally up for about 5 more minutes.

Ben and I brought Ladybug downstairs to play for a few more minutes and that's when we noticed it... the last sticker the little stinker had placed on herself... "MAKE OFFER".
How fitting... I think earlier in the day she had "$2"... realizing that she might be asking to much... she lowered her standards.

The last couple pictures are disturbing...I warn you now. Ladybug is learning to blow her nose... and the results are not too pretty. But hey... she's on super clearance.... blue light special.


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha! That made me smile! What a cutie she is...grody nose and all!

Katie said...

oh my gosh, she's a heidi jr! Holly, she's grown so much! i can't believe it. Nice boogs, haiden.