Wednesday, October 14, 2009

yoga rocks

Just sayin.
Yesterday there were only 5 of us in yoga class. The instructor decided to seize the opportunity (since none of us were beginners) to do some fun advanced stuff. Yeah, I was intimidated. I wouldn't exactly consider myself "yoga master".

I was able to complete some pretty interesting and challenging poses - including the one you see below.After wards I was wondering if I'd just totally wrenched my back. It felt...different. Come to realize I've just never stretched in that way before and I was fine. I felt fine while were in corpse pose. Thank goodness. Nothing like being an out of commission mother and having to tell people it was a "yoga injury".

All in all I love the way yoga makes me feel. It's pretty darn amazing. There are many different types of yoga. Right now I'm taking a Yen Yoga class which I really enjoy. It takes poses really slow and you hold them for sometimes 2-3 minutes at a time.

PS...I have not had much motivation to do anything lately (except yoga - go figure). If I post once a month I might be calling it good. Just a fair warning to the last 2 people reading my blog. Someday I'll pick it up again and be more consistent. Right now, I'm not all that worried about it.


Katie @ Vinyl Vineyard said...


But...I'll still check it every. Just in case.

Hokie Family said...

dido about Yoga. Love it. did you try a bridge. scary.

Nancy H. said...

I'm checking too!!!

Maran said...

Holly, are you on facebook? I've been terrible about blogging, and thought that would be a good way to stay in touch. I searched holly johnson and didn't see you. Oh! and well done on the yoga!!