Thursday, August 27, 2009

B-day fun with Ladybug

So, I know I promised to be better and to post more often. I said I'd post about our trip to Oregon...and I will. But, I am going backwards at the moment and starting with the most recent events. Ladybug's third b-day. The second and third photos were taken with a cell phone, sorry for the quality.

As always on my children's b-days they get to choose their favorite meals for the day.
I love how easy Ladybug was...wish I could be as simple and carefree as a 3 year old.
Menu-Breakfast: mom's protein shake with toast. Lunch: Burger King with the whole fam. Dinner: Mac & Cheese w/chicken nuggets.
The next couple photos may shock some of you. I am a HUGE germaphobe and NEVER,EVER let my kids play on the play equipment at fast food restaurants. Call me a bad mom...I don't care. But, when Ladybug asked on her b-day if she could "play over there" dad turned to me and said "what do you say, mom". He even volunteerd to take her in and play. Not that I'm afraid to go in...I'm more afraid for my kids. Anyway, the three kids were the only peeps in there and they had a blast. So, once a year, I'll let my kids play inside the playplace at a fastfood joint. That way it's something to really look forward to, right? No worries, I thoroughly hosed them down with sanitizer when we were done.

The entire week before Ladybug's b-day she kept chanting out "kitty cat cake, kitty cat cake". So, her wish was my command. Ben thought it would be fun to make a cat in the style of one of those cool retro clocks. So, I tried. I knew anything "kitty cat" would work for Ladybug anyhow.

Do you see Ladybug's drooping crown? Her cousin was sweet enough to dunk it in the pool in the backyard. She wore it anyway. Thanks Gabe! :)

Inside was the delectable part. If any of you are familiar with our little business, one of our most popular cupcakes is the Cookie Dough cupcake. I decided that it needed to try it out on a full sized cake. So, inside each yellow cake layer (there were two) was another layer of chocolate chip cookie dough. It was to. die. for. Ask anyone that tried it. It was VERY sweet though. You got to a point where you just couldn't eat anymore. Depressing, I know. It's pretty messy looking in the photo, but you get the idea.

Ladybug had a wonderful day. Meals of her choice, cousins, dollar store presents and lot of love. She couldn't be happier. Which leaves me wishing I was just as easy to please. Ah, to be three again. Love you girl.

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Katie @ Vinyl Vineyard said...

Love the cake! I knew exactly what you were talking about when you referred to those vintage cat clocks. Good job!

I laughed about the part where you said you don't let your kids play on the toys. That sounds just like you- constantly being the perfect mom.

Then there's me- who makes my kids play on there, even before they eat, so I can eat in peace.

Thats why we get and you. :)


PS- I sent the master copies on CD of the family photos of the coast to you today. Would you be a dear and distribute those to the idahokies? Including you dad? Thanks hols.