Sunday, May 10, 2009

Celebrate Sisterhood

I don't normally blog on Sunday, but I had to make an exception.
I was able to attend Relief Society today. It was nice break from my primary teacher calling. Boy am I glad that I was there this week. The topic was "Celebrate Sisterhood". Many women shared stories of sister's in their lives. There was a reader's theater and a song (yes, I had to sing in a trio...) and other highlights.

At first I didn't understand why the topic wasn't on mother' is mother's day...after all.
But, as the lesson began I realized it was the best possible thing for all us mother's to hear today.
When after spending all day with kids, household "stuff", carpools, corn dogs, bubble blowing, trampoline jumping, we wonder how we can feel "lonely". Children are wonderful, and so are husbands. But only a sister can truly understand our struggles, needs.... our mother hearts.

So, on this day I wish to acknowledge all the sister's in my life. Whether biological or are all my sister's. Women who have been planted in my life by a wise Father in Heaven.

If you ever wonder if you are truly loved, take a look around at the people that have been in your life. Ever so carefully placed there, just when you needed them most.

Love you.
Hope your Mother's day was wonderful. I am typing this, my sweet hubby is making a delicious dinner! I am so spoiled...


Hokie Family said...

I love you sister!

Miss Courageous said...

gosh Holly, you're making me all misty and stuff =) I love my sisters!