Thursday, April 9, 2009

coupon queen!

well, not I'm on my way!

I know many people scored on the sweet Albertson's cereal deal. I bought these 22 boxes for $12 and some change. "Yes I did- Yoink!" -Rhino from Bolt (the know...the one with the dog..)
I know, I know...some people paid as little as .17 a box. I didn't have very many Post coupons stored up, though. I still think .58 a box is pretty darn awesome!

Albertson's might have steep regular prices - but they are the Kings for coupons! They rock! They have been having some fantastic sales.

I have been slowing but surely delving into the world of couponing and it is so fun! It does take time, but it is well worth it for the savings. I am a member of Pinching Pennies, but I like to follow a couple blogs locally that tell exactly what to buy and with what coupons. It really helps simplifly it for me. Here are a few for you Boiseans. Hooked On Savings. Fabulessly Frugal and
A Thrify Mom.

By the way...I saved over $95 that day just on cereal. Whoot!

I will post more of my awesome buys later.
Just in case you were wondering how big this letter REALLY is. I thought I would do the Vanna White pose. Sorry, I'm not very photogenic from the neck down.


Nancy H. said...

Absolutely beautiful, the"J" too! I love my H, everybody should have one in their home!

Hokie Family said...

yeah for the post cereal sale. Go Holly!

Beth said...

Great job with the deals!!! I am hooked on coupons too. I can't wait for my B! And you look much better than Vanna :)