Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday celebration

Thanks to all of my fabulous family and friends who helped celebrate my momentous 30th birthday! We had fun visiting, eating and rocking out. Here are a few photos from the evening. There are not many. Ben took these - thanks shmoopsie poo!Charise made me this awesome chocolate cake. Layers of peanut butter and caramel filling and...ganache! So rich and delicious. I need a better photo...hint, hint. Charise and I will be making a little announcement about something cake realated very soon. Right, Charise?


Hokie Family said...

rockin party! Amazing cake! Tasted as good as it looked!

Katie said...

Wish we could have been there!

Hols- Get this, I wrote you this big ol long email on your birthday was so proud of myself for exressing myself in words (not my thing..)

Anyway, the next day, I got the daemon-no reply letter saying I sent it to a non existing address! :(

So, even though its not your bday- I still mean the things that I wrote.

So where can i send it?

Hope your birthday was great. We were thinking about you!

ReeSesPcS said...

Sweet cake! ;) Too bad we missed your rockin party too. Use whatever pics you want. I'll be posting soon on my blog one as well. When should we announce? :)