Friday, March 27, 2009

Hokie Pokie Trip

We made a quick weekend trip over to Hokie Pokieville. My maiden name is Hochhalter (Hokie for short) and my parents live in Pocatello (Pokie for short).

We had a great time even though we were there for just a couple days.
Here's a little review of the happenings.On the way I brought some Robins Eggs for the kids. It was their first lesson in robin egg lipstick application. You get to see the before and after in these photos.Unbeknown to me, my kids love to play chess! Buddy has been watching Ben's screen saver on his computer...which happens to be a chess game in action. Lin told grandpa "I'm in the chess club at school"...??? This was the first I heard about it. I guess she and two of her friends make their way into chess club every friday during lunch recess. Cracks me up just thinking about it. What a pip squeak. They are getting quite good! There were many rounds played. Grandma and Granpda sent them home with an extra chess set they had. ...just one of the ways they were spoiled while we were there!
Grandpa found one! I think he had a pretty good time with it as well.It has been a few years since we've been geocaching. I'm glad Ben thought of it. He brought his GPS and we were able to do a little treasure hunting! We went in the foothills and other places - including the cemetery. (which happened to be the biggest score)
Here's the kids holding up just one of their many finds! If you've never heard of geocaching I will post more on it later. It's an awesome family activity!
My dad had us bring up his Skittles game. He said it's over 40 (?) years old. It has a wooden top that you wind up with a string and as you pull it - it takes off and knocks over little wooden bowling type pins. We breathed new life into that game over the weekend. It hadn't seen some good action in quite a few years! Ben actually figured out the best strategy for winding the top and pulling it. My dad was even impressed - now that's something!
My mom fed us very well (as always) and spoiled the kids with more dessert than I care to mention. Here is a photo of an ice cream session after lunch on Sunday... ?? I need that gyro recipe...
The weather was suprisingly nice on Saturday, but on Sunday a snow/hail strom blew through. Here's a photo of grandma and ladybug watching the action.

We had a great, relaxing weekend. They have a beautiful home - my mom is an amazing homemaker.
Thanks mom and dad!! Love you!


Cami said...

Were you in Pocatello last weekend or this weekend? We were there last weekend!!! It looked like you had a lot of fun.

Nancy H. said...

Holly: Thanks for posting the memories. It was a huge blessing to have you guys come to town. COME OVER MORE OFTEN!! We love you guys.

Mom and Dad

Hokie Family said...

it looks like you had fun and mom and dad look so happy to have you. they didn't look like that when we clogged the toilet and wore mom out to sickness.