Saturday, February 28, 2009

They're heeeeeeeeeeeeere...

Come check out my Holly Doodle Etsy store! I've posted the first of my pdf designs!
I understand the photos aren't the best...but I'm an impatient person. I'll take better photos soon. With a little help from Ben and better lighting.

I have special pricing for the first if you want them...grab them now!
There's a couple of you I still need to send those recipe cards to. I will do that today.

Thanks for all of your support!


Cami said...

Holly! I love them.

Jill said...

So I'm a little behind the times! I'm sorry I didn't get to vote but I LOVE the stationary and I think Hollydoodle is perfect! Too cute!
AND, I'm wanting the recipes for those other goodies you baked a while the wheat bread and those delightful muffins! Would you share? :) You're photogenic! And I love your music on your blog...brings me peace. Hope all is fantastic!