Saturday, February 14, 2009

a sneak peak...

Copyright © 2009 by Holly H. Johnson

Here's a little peak into my latest obsession.
I have decided to create printable pdf files to sell on etsy.
I have seen others selling printable stationery and cards and thought, "hey, I can do that". Yeah, I know...I find myself saying that all too often.
Just another crazy endeavor. But, I don't see why not. There is zero overhead. All I do is create the files and email them to people that purchase them. They print them off at their leisure and use them for their own letter writing/card giving, or give them as gifts.

I will be creating printable cards, stationery, calendars, notepads, gift tags...the list goes on.

My question to you is... do you like my newest design? ....and can you tell what it is?
You may click on it to enlarge it... just don't steal it. It is copyrighted, folks.

**Stayed calendar pdf file coming soon.**


Little House in the Big Northwest said...

Holly, you are So So awesome! I love all you do with your artistic talents. May I say, I am in awe!

Nancy H. said...

sign me up! great idea, ( like always) Can't wait to be your first customer!

Dan and Katie said...

Yes, I think this may be your best idea yet! I love the little people, how cute! Keep going!

Maran said...

I love the new design! The people are darling! You have such great ideas.

Cami said...

Holly, I love it! PDFs are a great. I would purchase a pdf over having something shipped, just because it is so much faster and cheaper. I can't wait to see the calendar! Is it going to be a full size or a little planner size or both? So many possibilities!

Ember said...

I love love it. What a creative idea! I want to see more so send me your link to etsy when you get it up and running. And I am waaaaay serious on the new venture and I would love to have you in somehow.