Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So, today I had to go to Costco.
I wanted to get in and out as fast as possible.
Here are the few items I needed:
1-Butter (hello...the bread of life!...er, I mean the topping to the bread of life...)
2-Toilet Paper (another must, but that's just my personal opinion)
3-Juice Boxes (these things are way over priced anywhere else...especially for REAL juice)
4-Hummus (one of my staples when trying to eat right...definite snack material)
5-Vitamins (you know, the kids version....gummy. Hey, all I can say is, a few days after I ran out of these all the kids got sick! Call me superstitious ...I don't care)

How long did it take me to get these items (with my 2 year old in tow)?
8 MINUTES. Yes, you heard me right. I AM AWESOME. Remember, there is no charge for awesomeness. I did have to block my eyes from most everything I was walking by...but I did it!

Here's another cool Costco story.
A couple months back I made a regular trip there for more staple items. Just a few more than today of course.

There were LONG lines and they had one of the employees doing the Pre-check thing where they ring up all your items so it's faster when you get to actually check out.
He had his little bar code scanner thingy and pushed total. He said "you won't believe this". Of course I'm thinking..."oh yes, I will...I never walk out of here feeling great about the money I just forked over to you guys". He continued, "you just spent EXACTLY $100, taxes and all". Whoa...I'm cool.

Brought a whole new meaning to the "100 dollar store" term for Costco.
The cashier couldn't believe it either. "You better go buy a lottery ticket!"...that's all she had to say.

Again...no charge for awesomeness.

Have a good one!


Beth said...

Holly, are you going to be selling anywhere this weekend? I really want those stand mixer earings, but I need them by Sunday so I was hesitant to order them from your shop. Let me know! You can just e-mail me at thebanisters@juno.com
Oh, and yes I think you are so awesome!

Kallie said...

You are seriously so generous. I can't believe you don't charge for awesomeness.

Cami said...

What about the charge for attractiveness?

Dan and Katie said...

Nice. I love shopping at Costco. Takes me like an hour. AND, I never forget to get a clice of pizza on the way out.