Saturday, December 20, 2008

Boutique Photos

This time I decided to go all out and just bring all of my stuff. I'm sure to any normal person I may seem nuts. But, hey...I get bored if I stick to one medium. Everything you see in the photos below was created by yours truly. Just in case you were wondering. There is one photo missing from this set...the wardrobe hanger with all of my screen printed shirts.

Cuffs, pins and a new item...note cards from my original art. I love 'em...but I'm a little biased.

I hung my earrings from the tree. I know...awesome idea. By the way...this painting... is now hanging on a proud owner's wall. Yipee! Someone other than myself is enjoying it!
The silhouettes were brought to show as an example for custom orders.

This photo is not from the boutique. I took it at home before I transported this silhouette along with all my other creations to the show. I really loved how it turned out. The black frame made all the difference.


Dan and Katie said...

I want to order two sillhouettes! Of my kids, though..:)

Hokie Family said...

That cute Ladybug!
Hope the roads are clear tomorrow.

Jill said...

I am so WOWed by your talent, Holly! So fun and clever! I have to get on etsy and check some of these goodies out!

Lovely Little Lovelies said...

oh my goodness holly, i'm so impressed! all of your stuff is so fabulous! i'm a little partial to those silhouettes, though. they make me so, so happy. maybe one of these days addie will let me take a photo of her profile :)

Cami said...

Ya! You did the profiles! I love them. I have pics of my kids already to go. I just need to send them to you. I have had them done for weeks. I love ladybugs hair in cute! I got your card today. We miss you guys too!

Maran said...

You're so talented! I love your paintings and the silhouettes look great!