Friday, November 14, 2008

Come see me ...and my newest stuff

I really don't think there's a better way to spend your hard earned Christmas cash than on locally handmade items. If you haven't experienced it. It's totally worth it. Everyone loves receiving handmade items and they are more fun to give as well. There's always a little story behind each special item.

Here are the latest creations from Holly Doodle. But - there will be much more to see than just my boring stuff. ;) This is just a sampling of my latest...don't you want to come and see all of them in person at the show? I knew it. I'll be there Thursday evening. See you there!

I must tell you all (my 4 readers) about the inspiration behind this newest painting creation. I checked out a book from the library titled "A Hole Is to Dig" by Ruth Krauss, illustrated by Maurice Sendak. I instantly fell in love with the illustrations, as well as the quirky, fun words that went along with them. Turns out the author spoke with many young school children to come up with many of the sayings.

I thought I could combine my silhouette style paintings with words cut from newspaper to make something very sweet and unique. What do you think? I love them, but I always love my newest creations. I am desperate (don't ask why) to find something to create that the general public loves as much as I do.
Now don't go throwing out insincere compliments just to make me feel good - only comment on how you REALLY feel about these.
Side note: these will be mounted on top of a black frame that can either hang on a wall or sit on a table top.

Thanks for stopping by!


Ember said...

Hey you! I love love love the new art. But I have always loved what you do, keep up the good work and p.s. keep and eye on my blog I am working on a list of great shopping spots and guess who is on it?!

Love ya


Nancy H. said...

Holly I wish I could have a sliver of your right brain! Do you lay awake thinking of new creations! They really are so sweet and unique.
this comes from the sincerest chambers within. Love ya Mom