Friday, August 22, 2008

new business card design

So, I was talking with my mom the other day and told her I was up late designing my new business cards (which will also be used as price tags on my merchandise). And, being the supportive mother she is... she wanted to see it right away! "Post it on your blog!", she said. So, I am following my mothers commands. Just like when I was a kid, right mom?

I played around with a lot of different art that I have stored up... but this one just seemed right. Plus, it's shape allowed the perfect space for my info. Pretty fun. Can't wait to get them next week. I ordered them off Love that place.


Dan and Katie said...

I love these cards, hols. They look awesome. I thnk that girl on the tree makes the perfect image for a business card. lucky! -katie

Hokie Family said...

They look awesome!

Nancy H. said...

You always did mind well! Holly, these are fantastic!! PERFECTLY fits your creative artwork and talent. Gives a great sample of the what wonderful work you have to offer! Way to go Holls. Love ya

michelle said...

geeze mom sure is bossy!!! =P Hi mom =)