Monday, August 18, 2008

custom painting

So, I received a custom request for this painting. Wow. Right?
Pretty specific colors. I just hope Amanda never changes the color scheme in her apartment... because this painting may no longer work there afterwards.

She had marked the other painting (same just in black and white) as a favorite and noticed that it had sold.

Kinda fun to think this is going to the 32nd floor of a building in NY, NY.


Nancy H. said...

wow!! New York City!!! so cool. I love that one, put that on my order too! Love ya Mom

Maran said...

What a great painting! I love the colors! It must be fun to know that people on the other side of the nation will be viewing your work.

Cami said...

It looks great! Fun colors :)

Dan and Katie said...

Love the colors. Suhweet! Good work, hols