Tuesday, July 15, 2008

another one bites the dust...

Photo of Ben in a drug induced coma. (okay not really... but it seemed like a coma)

Poor Ben, poor me, poor kids, poor us. but mainly... poor Ben.

I hope Ben doesn't mind that I'm posting this photo I took with my camera phone this morning.
It was his third time visiting the ER in 10 days. He had another gall stone attack this morning and the pain killer they prescribed for him to take at home did squat for his pain. So, back we went.
He was scheduled to see a surgeon next Monday about getting his gallbladder yanked... but after
this mornings ultrasound they sent us right over to his office. The surgeon then sent us to be admitted to the hospital. Ben will join the ranks of 4(?) other family members who have given up their gall bladders for a better nights sleep.

We were scheduled to leave on vacation to gallstone---oops, I mean Yellowstone tonight.
HA HA HA... I swear... that was completely accidental.
We were planning on being there 5 long... nice ... relaxing days. Instead, Ben thought he'd have surgery. Sorry Ben, I really don't mean to make you feel bad. :^(
The kids are bummed... I'm bummed... Ben's REALLY bummed. But I guess it's better that this happened now instead of next week when he would have already used up all his time off.
I just want him happy and healthy again... whatever it takes!

If you read this, keep him in your prayers.
Love you, Ben!


Dan & Katie said...

SO so sorry that you guys are roughin it lately. We'll definitely keep you guys in our prayers. Sorry you're missing your trip to yellwstone. Maybe you can use that time off to come visit us instead?? Take care, guys.

The Rummler Family said...

Poor bro! Those attacks can feel like you're dying. He'll feel tons better after he recovers from surgery.

Nancy H. said...

You've been in our prayers, the worst is behind you, and Ben will be so appreciative of freedom from pain! You are a great support to him, hang in there! love you

Marisha said...

Sorry to hear about Ben. We'll be thinking of you guys. I'm so glad your on here. We love catching up with friends!