Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ain't it pretty?

So, I do not consider myself a photographer... in the least. I know next to nothing about the art. But, a couple weeks ago I was in my backyard and staring me in the face was this beautiful flower. The weather was slightly overcast... it seemed like the perfect lighting to take a quick photo of this blossom.
So... here it is. It turned out so well I was shocked. Especially since we desperately need a new digital camera. This one is going on it's sixth year... and you know electronics. You can never keep up!
I liked it so much I got a bunch of them printed off and used them on the face of some cards I sent out recently.
Enjoy! ... and feel free to print it off... if you so desire!


Hokie Family said...

Nice Pic!

Dan & Katie said...

Love it. What kind is it?