Monday, April 21, 2008

perfect, truly perfect.

I received a package on Friday from an unknown source. So, what do I do? I tear into of course! I had a pretty good idea of who it might be from... it had to be someone that knew me very well. Who knows you better... at least on this earth... than your own mother? I couldn't believe how perfect this gift was. It's a willow tree figurine entitled "happiness". The quote underneath read “FREE to sing, laugh, dance and create!”. To top it all off, there are pretty blue birds sitting on her outstretched arms. Absolutely lovely.

So, mom.. I received your message last night. You know, the one where you asked me to wait until my birthday to open an unexpected package? You would think that someone that knows me as well as you do , would understand that patience has never been my forte'. If you'd like, I can put it back in the box and open it again?

Love you!
PS... Dad, I know you had a hand in this too... and I promise I love you just as much!


Nancy H. said...
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Nancy H. said...

To open your blog and see your gift, I thought....thats my girl, she opened it.. but I was so excited that you liked it and that it made the statement to you that it did to me when I saw it,was well worth it. For she truly represents you in all her simple beauty,and gifts to create and bring happiness to others, right down to the little blue birds that remind me of your paintings. Happy Birthday, Happiness! love you,